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(From Dotmocracy) " Dotmocracy is an established facilitation method for collecting and prioritizing ideas among a large number of people. It is an equal opportunity & participatory group decision-making process. Participants write down ideas and apply dots under each idea to show which ones they prefer. The final result is a graph-like visual representation of the groups collective preferences."


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When to use

How to use

(From the Dotmocracy site - see the site for more details)
  1. An issue is presented with questions.
  2. Discuss potential solutions.
  3. Post proposals.
  4. Fill dots to record opinions. Write comments.
  5. Formulate a common solution.
This process should follow the official Rules & Requirements. Facilitators should download and read the complete Dotmocracy handbook.

Tips and Lessons Learnt

Examples & Stories

During a training needs assessment workshop we presented a list of our training material on A3 posters. In total, we had four categories each with a specific colour and topic (see picture). Each category was hosted by a co-facilitator during the dotmocracy exercise. Participants had to put one dot on each of the topics, indicating relevance to Food Security Frameworks in their respective countries (green dot=I agree, question mark=I'm not sure, red dot=I disagree). In addition, participants had also the possibility to comment on topics.

With the dotmocracy session we were able to identify relevant food security topics for the training programme. Dotmocracy is also recommendable for prioritization of topics.

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Picture was taken by Mehmet Korkmaz during a Training Needs Assessment Workshop in Danang, Vietnam.