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The marketplace aims to be a meeting place, where exchange can happen informally around an exhibition with technical booths, posters, demonstrations, training sessions and more. This is also a place where participants can organize informal meetings. As well as exhibits, it is therefore useful to include informal seating and meeting points (sofas, chairs). A coffee/tea point should ideally be available.

When to use
  • Sharing
  • Adopting, adapting & scaling up

How to use
  • The marketplace sessions should be well organized to stimulate exchanges and interaction:
  • Remember that teams may wish to bring pop-up exhibitions stands – be clear in your communication how much space will be available to them.
  • Consider that the teams may wish to have a laptop display – consider where power sources are situated when setting up the room.
  • Consider organizing a ‘walkthrough’, where teams can present their booth and questions can be asked.
  • Presentations or discussions around a theme, thematic coffee sessions, training sessions and storytelling can be organized. This interactive and participatory process should be supported by a team of facilitators.
  • A quiz can be held, so that people look more carefully at the various tables. A prize may be offered to the participant who answers all questions correctly.

Tips and Lessons Learnt
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Who can tell me more?
  • Sophie Treinen , FAO - sophie.treinen [at]
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Resources (add your resources)URLs, photos, podcasts)
- Good practice factsheet on how to organize a knowledge share fair:

- Sophie Treinen (September 2011) “Ce que vous devriez savoir si vous devez organiser une foire aux savoirs au Sahel” (What you should know before organizing a knowledge share fair in the Sahel), Knowledge Management for Development Journal, Vol.7, n.2, in French

- Dimitra Bulletin (November 2010) n. 19: “Knowledge Share Fair in Niger, a new sharing experience”

- Simone Staiger-Rivas, Gauri Salokhe, John Smith, Tania Jordan & Viviana Palmieri (2010): “A Knowledge Share Fair and a KM4Dev meeting in Colombia, May 2010: involving people in a rich environment of dialogue on agriculture and knowledge management in Latin America and the Caribbean”, Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 6:2, 151-158 -

- “How do you organize a knowledge share fair in the Sahel region?”: film inspired by the article “What you should know before organizing a knowledge share fair in the Sahel” by Sophie Treinen, Knowledge Management for Development Journal (2011). 9min 45sec. 1,245mb.
In French:
In English:
In Spanish:

- « Mini-foire aux savoirs à l’occasion de l’inauguration du centre d’info-formation sur le warrantage de la COPSA-C », Founzan, Burkina Faso, December 2012,
in French (2013)

- « Impressions des participants de la foire aux savoirs organisée par le Programme gestion des connaissances et genre de la FAO » Niamey, Niger, June 2010.
In French:

- More practical materials on:
o : Blog of the Resilience knowledge share fair in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, November 2013

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