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 +====== Blog Lessons from FARA ======
 +\\ \\ {{::​fara_blogging_1.jpg?​nolink&​325}}\\ ​
 +====== Evaluation of the FARA blog ======
 +A poll was posted on the FARA staff blog for two weeks in December 2007. Only 7 persons replied to a poll on the use of the **FARA staff blog.**\\ **Context:​**\\ ​
 +  - The FARA Secretariat blog was started as an outcome of a Web2.0 training by Wageningen International at the FARA secretariat on 13th of September.
 +  - A PowerPoint guideline about //What is a blog// was sent to ALL STAFF mid of October.
 +  - As per today 11/04/2008 a total of 239 postings were produced with weekly e-mail alerts to ALL STAFF.
 +  - One outsider gave a long [[https://​​comment.g?​blogID=6415377816101006262&​postID=2557095872276590508|comment]] on Climate change. But this comment is the only registered on the FARA Secretariat blog.
 +  - I spend an average of one full day to check for relevant information for the FARA blog.\\
 +  - An attractive layout is essential but needs some more time when you have to look for pictures, logos or the reproduction of front pages of reports.\\ ​
 +The **objective**:​ //To play around with a Web2.0 tool among the FARA staff// **was not reached** - I made 98 % of the blog postings. But:​\\ ​
 +  - The FARA Secretariat blog postings are fed into the FARA website and is aggregated under AgriFeeds (and thus receives more visibility)\\
 +  - It attracted some interest of FARA partners (CTA, AGRA, CIAT, EUFORIC, IAALD), although mainly of persons already versed into blogging.
 +  - The expectations had to be downscaled about the response of the FARA secretariat itself and the FARA forum.
 +  - Some specific Google searches will also lead to the FARA Secretariat blog.
 +  - The future of the FARA Secretariat blog depends on its integration into an overall FARA communication strategy and complementarity to the FARA bulletin and website ​
 +In order to facilitate postings on the FARA Secretariat blog by professional staff the facility to e-mail directly onto the blog we was activated from December 2007 onwards. The e-mail text appears as a posting and the e-mail subject as a posting header. But again, even easy access did lead professional FARA staff to post on the blog.\\ \\  To end on a positive note:\\ \\ 
 +  - Google email alerts and the use of an igoogle page with a clear overview of the newsfeeds per organisation has facilitated the search for relevant information
 +  - I learn everyday more about the agric research jungle
 +  - Tagging is a very good memory tool which I use to trace for blog-info I want to put in the bi-monthly FARA bulletin.
 +\\ [[http://​​2007/​09/​interview-with-dr-monty-jones-about.html|Interview with Dr. Monty Jones about the FARA Staff blog]] (24/​09/​2007):​\\ \\ {{::​fara_blogging_2.jpg?​nolink&​448}}
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