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Community Interactive Theatre

Brief Description:

From the Interactive Theatre Project
“…Interactive Theater provides professionally scripted and improvisational performances addressing difficult issues that impact community. These creative forums are designed to engage community, faculty, staff and students, about social justice. The performance becomes a springboard for dialogue among the characters, facilitator and the audience. This conversation often allows groups to explore difficult, complex issues and contributes to greater community strength, creativity and competence.”


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When to Use:

  • Work to understand local experiences and ideas that might otherwise be hard to uncover.

How to Use:

From the Interactive Theatre Project
How Interactive Theater Works

  • Participants can experience empathy for and identification with those involved in the performed scenario.
  • Participants can think through what actually happened in the scenario.
  • Participants can think about possible consequences of the performed scenario.
  • Participants have the opportunity to discuss possible solutions and potential strategies for change.

Tips and Lessons Learnt

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Examples and Stories

  • Katherine Burke, founder of InterPlay: Interactive Theatre for Dialogue, on a World Learning/USAid project in Georgia:

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  • Playback Theatre

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