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Electronic Portfolio

An electronic portfolio, also known as e-portfolio or digital portfolio, is an online collection of reflections and Artefacts (such as documents, blogs, images, resum├Ęs, multimedia, hyperlinks and contact information). E-portfolios can be used by learners and trainers to demonstrate their learning, skills and development. The achievements can be recorded over time and shared with a selected audience.

When to use

E-portfolios, like traditional portfolios, can facilitate learners' reflection on their personal learning, leading to more awareness of learning objectives and needs. Participants can create their own online community on e-portfolio sites and share their experience with peers. They can benefit from each others experience and knowledge/skills as it allows access to a personalised learning space which includes a documenation of learning activities.

How to use

It works as a user-centred platform. Learners decide and control what goes into their e-portfolio and with whom they would like to share it.

Tips and Lessons Learnt

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Examples & Stories

I am currently working on a capacity development project with a blended learning approach (e-learning, f2f-workshop, online mentoring). Since the learning programme spans over a period of two years, the most challening part is to create an online community among participants and enable them to share their learning activities with each other. This can be partly achieved through activities offered by our Learning Management System (LMS). As I was looking for other options that are more user-centred, I came across e-portfolios. Mahara, for example, is an open source e-portfolio platform which offers reflective learning activities and social networking and seems to be the ideal tool to be integrated to our learning programme.

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