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The FARA communication strategy workshop (22,23,25 Feb 2008) identified the different needs of each of the networking support functions (NSF) within the FARA Strategic plan. It included discussions on how the communication strategy will be monitored and evaluated to ensure effective implementation.

Outcome mapping lended itself well to the assessment of FARA communications, as it facilitated the integration of quantitative and qualitative indicators. Outcome Mapping proved to be a straightforward methodology for the workshop, designed and built from FARA's development practice and Medium Term Operational Plan.

Interview with Jacqueline Nyagahimaon

Jacqueline reflects on the usefullness of the Outcome Mapping concepts such as Boarder partners, Outcome markers and Progress markers for a communication strategy ; she trusts FARA can now better finetune the targets ; she thinks this approach is also usefull for ASARECA.

Interview with Czesh Conroy (Natural Resources Institute) on

Czesh answers the questions : Was the outcome mapping useful + Challenges ahead for FARA as a young organisation.

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