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Examples of Incentives
What incentives can help encourage sharing knowledge? From KM4Dev
Formal incentives

* Incorporate sharing in personnel competencies
* Organise lunch presentations
* Create an inventory on what people want to be asked about
* "Send" people to conferences and ask for reports on the meetings
* Reward people for ideas that are picked up by others

In general these aspect can be part of a personal development plan or personal commitment statement. Stimulate people to write down what they want to achieve in a coming period; for example 'publish and update their curriculum vitae on intranet' or 'visit two partner organisations' or 'mentor new personnel' or 'do a lunch presentation'. Most formal incentives can be organised by a HRM department.
Informal incentives

* Recognition / awards
* Allow people to publish stories (success and failure)
* Organise exhibition fairs / showcasing
* Invite people to talk about their work / write about their work in internal media
* Stimulate people to take part in communities of practice
* Organise happy hours
* Invite all personnel to contribute to a new year plan for the organisation


* Allow self-organisation outside the hierarchy; allocate time for this
* Make sure management supports the idea of sharing knowledge
* Time spent on sharing must be recognised as legitimate by management / peers
* Stress the potential return of investment
* Centralise the canteen / coffee machines / water coolers / library
* Organise flexible workplace; get people out of their 'cubicles' or relocate people now and then
* Make management think about the concepts for a 'knowledge friendly organisation'

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