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Tools and Methods :: Real Time Online Collaboration

How can I do or improve real time online collaboration ?

Tags: Real Time Online Collaboration, Augmenting Group Intelligence, Online Collaboration, Online Team Work, Agile Team Work

Real Time Online Collaborative Workspace

How we can define real time collaboration ? “a work activity in which two or more individuals (or groups) work together interactively in real time, sharing and co-constructing knowledge to co-create value well beyond what any of them could have produced alone.”

There is not anymore need for a space to work all together face-to-face: collaboration may happen at a distance, in distributed environments. Physical presence is not a requirement.

Collaboration involves direct, real-time back-and-forth interaction, in which participants react to each other’s ideas and create something together. They can work even in parallel on the Workspace at the speed of mind. Something new can emerge if certain conditions are present. Group intelligence may augment if certain conditions are met. All participants are continuously co-constructing trust and an environment where is pleasant to work. And all participants can, at every moment, share their ideas, thoughts and knowledge. They are co-constructing with the ideas of every participant solutions for the group challenges.
Real-time collaboration requires special abilities. Such as Online communication skills. Capable of building trust. Co-construction abilities. Emotional and psychological abilities of building a respectful online environment. Abilities to share ideas, knowledge in real time. Abilities to co-construct with other ideas in real time. Abilities to engage in agile work approach to solve the group challenges. Abilities to do peer to peer collaboration. Normal advocacy to share and present ideas with a respectful approach. Abilities to co-construct an open online space to share knowledge to engage in agile practice of work.
Approach recommended. Start building community and augmenting participants trust and knowledge. Then discuss group challenges , deadlines and constraints. Arrive at a moment where the network of ideas and commitments stabilize and learn from the experience making explicit feedback and reflexion of the experience. Move to practice.
Tools recommended. Tools that enable real time online collaboration such as Real time Shared Whiteboards that work in radical real time. Tools that enable an open space that facilitate real time, parallel, peer to peer and agile online work.
Example of experience :: The preparation and «making of» of the First French Edition of the Journal of KM4Dev - Knowledge Management for Development Journal - L'évolution de la gestion des connaissances – nouveaux défis pour les organisations travaillant pour le développement.
Personal motivation to participate in Real Time Collaboration includes:
- Need for autonomy : The participant is free to initiate and regulate her actions
- Need of competency : The need to be good and effective in her actions
- Social affiliation : Have satisfactory social relationships and enhancing personal reputation

Assessing Real Time Collaboration Experience

Variables to study:

  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Engagement
  • Is the purpose understood ?
  • Are rules of the game clear ?
  • Are the participants prepared to be effective partners in real time collaboration ?
  • Do the participants build confidence and trust ?
  • Do the participants steward the real time collaboration process ?
  • Are the participants sharing a real time collaboration «etiquette» ?
  • Are comments shared in a non-judgementally way of communication ?
  • Everybody is expressing her ideas, thoughts and knowledge ?
  • What are the barriers in your context for real time collaboration ?

When Real Time Collaboration happen, Knowledge is experienced as something alive, organic, a stream that flows between people who are facing a challenge or are in any disturbance or disruption in a specific context with shared language and values that enables them to reach their purpose efficiently, expertly.

Need to know more ? : Talk to Dr Joel Muzard

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