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Data / Information Visualization Tools

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Brief Description

Creating visualizations of data can offer another way of communicating and sharing that data with others. Visuals can stimulate conversation and meaning making around data that is different from simply presenting the textual or numerical data. This is especially important when working across cultures and languages. Please note that visuals carry as much cultural connotation than any other communication form, so this does not mean that a visual will necessarily have a universal interpretation!


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When to use

How to use

Tools to use

Initial, unedited list from http://ictlogy.net/wiki/index.php?title=Data_Visualization -- need to process this information in the context of the toolkit

Networks/Maps Drawing

Networks/Maps Analysis

  • Pajek, Program for Large Network Analysis
  • Many Eyes, for shared visualization and discovery
  • BINViz, (Bidirectional Interactive Network Visualization) is a JavaScript library for network and graph visualization. The goal of this tool is to provide a better way to visualize complex graphical models and the underlying data in a web-based environment.
  • Sixdegrees Network Analyser, C++ and Python based open source graph visualization and analysis software, primarily intended for use in the analysis of social networks (other applications are also conceivable).
  • InFlow, Social Networking Mapping Software.
  • AgentSheets allows non-programmers to create agents with behaviors and missions.
  • Swivel For exploring and comparing data, graphs and maps.
  • UCINET, A comprehensive package for the analysis of social network data as well as other 1-mode and 2-mode data

Timeline Drawing

Business Graphics (Flowcharts, porject timelines; organizational charts, etc.)

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