Face to Face Meetings

Brief Description:

Face to face (F2F) meetings give us the chance to talk with and listen to each other. Too often we waste this precious time simply disseminating information in speeches, where few talk and many listen. From a knowledge sharing perspective, there are many other options to enhance knowledge sharing every time we get together, from regular team meetings to infrequent, large global gatherings. This entry into the toolkit on F2F meetings is a bit different from other method entries, because we'll explore how to use some of the other methods mentioned in the toolkit for meetings, as well as think about meeting design and how we can better share knowledge at our meetings. You may also want to explore the other methods in the toolkit for use in your F2F meetings.


When to use:

  • Regular in-house meetings
  • Meetings with external partners and stakeholders
  • Professional and association meetings

How to use:

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