logoworldfish.jpgHow to Produce a Storymercial

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story1.jpgTelevision, the Internet and video are some of the the easiest and most effective means of making a presentation. Video is a key tool because it can reach a diverse population of people and has the ability to both entertain and educate. Creating a short, 90-second, message-rich video of a project can condense its complexities into a concise, stimulating visual aid. Your storymercial should be kept short in order to draw your audience in, deliver your message and leave them with a lasting impression.

"How to Produce a Storymercial" was produced by the Business Development and Communications Division, WorldFish, in collaboration with Dev-TV and Ms Rakhee Morzaria (former WorldFish intern), through project funding from the CGIAR ICT-KM Program and further support from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

Before creating your storymercial, you may want to develop a strategy for its optimal use:

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