October 2008 KS Workshop - Phase 2 Face to Face Information and Links

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Outline of Agenda

  • Tuesday, October 7
    • Introductions, icebreaker and workshop working agreements
    • World Cafe on what we have learned and where we are going to learn
    • Open Space where we will create our own learning agenda around tools, methods and how we use them
    • Evening News wrap-up
  • Wednesday, October 8
    • Icebreaker
    • Samoan Circle on internal and external KS within our organizations and networks
    • Continuation of Open Spaces
    • Evening News wrap-up
  • Thursday, October 9
    • Building plans for applying KS in our work
    • Sharing what we experienced at the Bioversity Thursday morning coffee
    • Peer Assists
    • Evaluation and next steps

Open Space Discussion Reports

Speed Geeking Session Notes