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Brief Description

Online surveys are web based forms you can use to gather information from stakeholders, constituents and the public. There are some free tools which have limited capability and/or ads, and fee based services. If you have programming ability, you can also create your own. As always the design of the survey or poll questions is the most important success element. Online tools just make it easier to distribute the surveys and collect the data.


When to use

  • Quickly gather input from constituents who have web access
  • Gather and make responses visible to everyone
  • Long form surveys with varied types of input (rankings, open ended, etc.)
  • Quick and simple option polls to embed on websites for quick feedback

How to use

Companies Providing Online Surveys

Tips and Lessons Learnt

  • From KM4Dev: I have tried using SurveyMonkey ( but was wondering if there are other and perhaps better alternatives.
    If you have comments on the utility of such a tool for users in developing countries, would much appreciate your feedback. The real question is, do these survey instruments work well or is it too much of a hassle getting people to go online to reply, etc.?
    A: IMHO no matter what tool you use the survey result can quickly become enormously unwieldy if there are too many questions. A well designed survey and as few and as clear questions as possible can make even a primitive survey tool very effective. Some of the hosted software gives you hints on how to design the questionaire (wizards) that are useful in this regard.

Examples & Stories

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  • For different projects and different clients I (Create Consultancy ) used online surveys to get an idea of different interest in a group, for teambuilding purposes and to monitor customer satisfaction.

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