external image 1204632335_c363de48af.jpg?v%EF%BF%BD1%EF%BF%BD0Want to help support the Toolkit? The ICT-KM program of the CGIAR, FAO, KM4Dev and UNICEF invite individuals and organizations to join us in the growth and maintenance of the Toolkit. Here are some opportunities to contribute. If you are interested, please click on the discussion tab above and leave us a message!
  • Join as an organizational sponsor - instead of recreating a similar resource in your organization, join us. What this means is we ask you at a minimum to identify at least one person in your organization to join our team of wiki stewards, to facilitate the addition of new tools and methods your organization uses, improve existing pages and add stories in use/contact people for any tool or method. As possible improvement projects arise, we may ask you to contribute financially, but this is not a requirement.
  • Become a Page Steward - page stewards pick either an existing page or a new method/tool page they want to create and commit to making sure the page is the best it can be at any moment in time. This may mean adopting a page that is not yet complete, adding stories of use and resources to existing pages or creating a new one. If you are interested in a particular page, please leave us a note in the discussion tab above.
  • Help Connect Us - Do you like and use the toolkit? Help us spread the word by mentioning and linking to the toolkit in any area where you think people will gain value and want to contribute to the Toolkit.

When you join us, we'll add your information and thanks to our KS Toolkit Sponsor Page.

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