The KSToolkit is a living resource. That means some pages are "just started" and need more work, some will grow stale and need updating and some may simple need a few things fixed (like typos!). We always need pages translated between English, Spanish, French and even Portuguese! We encourage you to join the wiki and help make any page better.

Here are some tips for editing and improving existing pages:

  • Join the wiki to be able to comment, edit or create new pages. Look in the upper right hand corner of any page. Click "join" and fill out the form. One of the core team will approve your membership as soon as possible (we do this to keep out spammers).
  • There is an edit button on the upper right area on any page. You can use that to improve any page! Just remember to hit "save" in the same panel area after you are done.
  • Don't be shy. Go ahead and fix any mistakes and typos... and please, don't wait for an invitation. Consider THIS your invitation.
  • Find a broken link? Search to see if there is a replacement. If not, make a note by the link that it is broken and note the date. Sometimes a server is just down!
  • Want to update a "just started" page? Go ahead and edit content following the template provided on the page.
  • Want to add a new tool or a method? Check out this page on How to Make a New Page We have created a Tool and Method Template to make it easy. When you click on new page, you have a choice of templates. Note there is a template in English, Espanol, and Francais!
  • Want to translate a page? First, create a new page with your translated title, and then fill out. A good idea is to translate first in your own computer, and then paste translation into the new page. A translation does not have to be identical to the original- use whatever words and formats make more sense in the target language.
  • Add a tag? See advice on tags here.

Add your tips for improving pages!