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KS Toolkit Update Days Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November, 2012

Looking for a great way to connect with members and friends of the Knowledge Management for Development Community (KM4Dev) while helping to improve the Knowledge Sharing Toolkit? Look no further! Come see what all the excitement is about by joining us for a 2 day crowd sourcing event to update the KS Toolkit ( on Thursday, November 15th – Friday, November 16th 2012. We are asking you to volunteer some of your time to improve this wiki which has over 100 knowledge sharing tools and methods, fact sheets, close to 500 members, and an average of 10,000 visits per month. Thanks so much for your consideration in being part of this event.

To understand how a wiki works, watch the Common Craft video:

How to get involved?

  1. Join the toolkit wiki at will try and approve your membership fast, fast, fast!)
  2. Pick something: Look around and decide what page you would like to a) update, b) translate, c) create. Focus on something YOU are interested in. Go with the passion and knowledge! Click on EDIT for this page and list what page(s) you are working on in the section at the bottom of this page (What page are you working on?). Come back when you are done and write DONE by the page you noted.
  3. How to: Check out the "Tips for Editing" page
  4. For updating existing pages: You might want to update text, links, images (with appropriate permissions), and/or contacts. Please list all sources.
  5. For filling out "stubs" (pages identified as incomplete) Please consider taking action on the many pages that have been created but not yet filled with content! (HERE IS THE START OF A LIST OF STUBS!)....
    1. Anecdote Circles (needs to be created)
    2. Bar Camp (needs to be created)
    3. Behavioral Models (needs to be created)
    4. Buzz Groups (done)
      Card Sorting (done)
      Case Studies (needs to be created)
      Content Creation (Shared) (needs to be created)
      Crowdsourcing (needs to be created)
      Experience Capitalization (done)
      Future Story (done)
      Graphic Facilitation (needs to be created)
      Innovation Histories (needs to be created)
      Institutional Memories (needs to be created)
      Knowledge Mela (needs to be created)
      Knowledge Profiling (needs to be created)
      Strategic Approaches to KS (needs to be created)
      Knowledge Capture (needs to be created)
      Barriers and Human Difference in KS
      (needs to be created)
      Behavioral Models (needs to be created)

  6. For translations of existing pages: We are trying to translate as many pages as possible into French and Spanish, so if that is your skillset, YAY!. Look at the KSTools or KSMethods page to see where pages have/haven't been translated. For example, Brown Bag Lunch has already been translated in Almuerzo de bolsa de papel (BBL). Pick an untranslated page, use it as your base, then follow the directions for "creating new pages" below.
  7. For creating new pages:Is there a missing tool or method you know about and could add? First search for it, in case it is labeled a bit differently. Some tools and methods have pages, but there is no content. Some things have multiple names. Then see the left hand menu and choose pages and files, create a New Page choosing an English, Spanish or French template. The template gives you the basic content elements. Our core group of volunteers will then look for new pages and link them into the table of contents. You can also leave a note here of pages you have done, any process suggestions, etc.
  8. Ideas for the toolkit? A group will be discussing overall improvements of the Toolkit (concept, design, layout). Right now the discussion will be on Facebook unless we come up with another idea...

Need help?

A group of volunteers will be available in an online chat: …… 24 hours
Feel free to Skype us for help, or check out the Facebook page

Shifts in GMT (to be developed)
Simone Staiger Rivas
[email protected] simonestaiger on skype
Cali, Colombia (GMT- 5)
Thursday - Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tonya Schuetz
[email protected]

Priyanka Mohan
[email protected]
India, Chennai

Max Terzini
[email protected] / max.terzini /
Thursday - 14:00 - 17:00 CET
Friday - 10:00 - 14:00 CET
Okey Nwoke
[email protected]
Rome, Italy
Thursday -
Friday 11:00 - 13:00 CET
Hermella Ayalew
[email protected]
East African time zone (GMT + 3)

Pier Andrea Pirani
[email protected] ; @PAPirani on Twitter; p.a.pirani on Skype
Europe [available only on 16th Nov]
Friday 10:00 - 13:00 ; 14:00 - 17:00 CET
Roxanna Samii
[email protected]
Rome, Italy
Thursday 15:00-16:00 GMT
Nancy White
nancyw at fullcirc dot com @NancyWhite on Twitter, choconancy on Skype
GMT -8 in Seattle
Thursday & Friday 16:00 GMT - Midnight GMT
Michael Victor
[email protected]
awake in Asia or sleep walking in the Mekong

Lucie Lamoureux
[email protected]
Thurs 8am - 12pm, Friday 1pm - 5pm
Krishan Bheenick
[email protected]
CTA, Netherlands
Thurs 1400 - 1700; Fri 1400-1600
(also flexible in late pm)
Sophie Alvarez
[[mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]]]
bsalvarez on skype
Cali, Colombia (GMT- 5)

Rene Herlitz
[email protected]
Germany, Berlin

"Treinen, Sophie (OEKC)"
Sophie.Treinen at fao dot org
Italy, Rome

Satish Nagaraji
[email protected]
New Delhi, India..

Lesley Shneier
[email protected]
Washington DC, GMT -5
Thursday 8-10 am, Friday 16:00 onwards
Nadia Von Holzen
[email protected]

Ewa Hermanowicz
[email protected]skype: ehermanowicz

Tezira Lore
t.lore @ / @tezira
Nairobi, GMT +3
Thursday 1100 GMT to 1400 GMT; Friday 0600 GMT to 0800 GMT

What Page Are You Working On?

For example...
  • Nancy White is working on the Tips for Editing page
  • Pier Andrea Pirani is working on Data / Information Visualization Tools
  • Tezira Lore is working on the File Libraries and File Sharing page and the Microblogging page.
  • Lesley Shneier will work on Knowledge Fairs page.
  • Ewen Le Borgne will be translating and adapting the page 'Experience Capitalization' from the French version.
  • ILRI's team are working on Yammer page
  • Link to KS Toolkit Page Stewards spreadsheet (to understand what you can do and how it has worked so far)
  • Nadia von Holzen: check all SDC links on the different methods pages (dare to share doesn't exist no longer but Learning&Networking); Briefing-Debriefing; Extit Interviews, Experience Capitalization; Good Practice; Group Facilitation; Networks....
  • Pier Andrea updated the Social Reporting page
  • Nadia von Holzen: some more done: Ritual Dissent, Peer Coaching, Knowledge Map....