Title Vision of Success Statement

Brief Description

A “Vision of Success” statement is a brief written account of what a successful intervention will produce over the long-term (i.e. 2 - 5 years.) The statement imagines the positive outcomes that would result from a successful intervention and then defines the (country programme) strategic objectives which, if achieved, would produce that success.


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When to use

At the beginning of the analytical process in a strategic planning workshop or initiative to arrive at a commonly understood definition of a vision of success. To “know where you are going”; to consider the long-term impacts of proposed interventions, to help decide strategic priorities

How to use

1. Ask the team: “Two (or three or five...) years from now, if your programme actions and intervention are widely hailed as a ‘great success,’ what will that success look like?” Then have the team brainstorm a list of characteristics and/or outcomes which would indicate this success.
2. Once the team’s images of success are compiled, have the team come to a consensus on the major programmatic objectives which would be likely to produce that success.

Tips and Lessons Learnt

A good and objective facilitator should conduct this session as it needs to be someone without a stake in the future of the programme who can look at it objectively.

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