Brief Description
Yammer is an enterprise social networking site. It is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team efficiency. Yammer is also a microblogging service like Twitter, allowing users to post updates of their activities, follow others' updates, tag content, share useful links, etc... Unlike Twitter, Yammer focuses on networking among colleagues within an organization allowing for formation of groups/team spaces. Groups can also be created with participants from more than one organization.


Yammer was launched in 2008 as an enterprise microblogging service and now has applications on several different operating systems and devices. Many organizations started using yammer as their internal communication platform.

When to use

To quickly connect with our colleagues, discuss ideas, ask questions, share links and other information.

How to use

Once the company network created at (http://www.yammer.com), any individuals with the same email domain can join a given network. Once you join the appropriate network, getting started looks as follows
  • Update profile
  • Follow people
    • Follow members of your team and coworkers to get their updates
  • Join groups
  • Join different networks
  • Set notification
    • Which messages to get from Yammer
    • Frequency of messages from Yammer
  • Start conversation

Tips and Lessons Learnt

  • We have found yammer to be a best internal communication platform especially for an organization which has offices in different geographical areas.

Examples & Stories

ILRI's yammer use1.png
  • In ILRI we use yammer as our internal communication platform. We have offices in different countries and regions. Yammer helped us to quickly connect with our colleagues, discuss ideas, ask questions, post what we are working on, getting feedback, follow others, and to share links and other information. (See screenshot of ILRI's yammer conversation spaces on left)
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